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Ellie’s Nut Milk Bag {Review w/ COUPON CODE}

Ellie’s recently sent me some nut milk bags to try out and y’all, I love it!! I always forget how quick and easy making almond milk is. The stuff we buy in the store has lots of fillers and added things that I prefer to not drink. Obviously for convenience I do buy the store almond milk some (usually Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods unsweetened vanilla. Both of these do not have carrageenan, which we try to avoid.). BUT, now I want to make it at home since it really is so simple!


There are so many options you can do with these bags. You can do juicing, milking, or sprouting.

Ellie’s has been so kind to give us a coupon code for you to use! Use code aimee10 for 10% off AND you get a FREE ebook with directions and recipes for so many things- think flax seed milk, turmeric milk, carrot cake, paleo pizza, and more!!

I love these bags for many reasons. I love the design. They are designed inside out with the seams on the outside. This avoids small pieces getting stuck in the seams, making it easy to clean and rinse out. It is very durable. When using the bag I didn’t feel like it was going to tear apart on me at any moment- it is sturdy! This bag is a value and can be used over and over again.

Here are the simple steps of making almond milk.

  1. Soak almonds for 8-12 hours in filtered water.
  2. Drain and rinse almonds.
  3. Place in a blender/Vitamix with 4 1/2 cups filtered water.
  4. I added 3 dates, 1 tsp vanilla, and a pink of pink salt.
  5. Blend for 1-2 minutes on High.
  6. Pour milk into bag and twist & squeeze out milk into a bowl.
  7. The pulp will be left in the bag and you will have a bowl full of milk!
  8. Pour milk into glass bottles and store in the refrigerator. Best if consumed within 3 days.
Leftover pulp- so many options and recipes to use this for!



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