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NYC Healthy Restaurants and What to Order

Oh, NYC, one of our favorite cities to visit. Could I ever live there? For the food, probably so. Would I go crazy, definitely yes. I could visit once a year if time and money allowed, but the hustle and bustle of the city does take a toll on this introvert after a while. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m like a little kid on Christmas morning every time we stop off of that airplane 🙂


Our favorite thing to do when in NYC, or any large city, is make a game plan of all the restaurants we want to try out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts and get to walking. The more we walk, the hungrier we will be for our next meal 😉 Nothing beats the food in NYC. This city has the best options for any diet, paleo, gluten free, sugar free, organic. You name it, they have it. While this is a great problem to have, in a city with so many options it can be daunting.

There’s good news! I’ve spent countless hours doing all the research and tastings for you! I have compiled a list of our all time favorite restaurants in NYC. These are the places we would make a point to visit if we were in the city for 3-7 days. At the bottom of this post I have also listed more restaurants that are either our back-up options or places we want to try in the future. Like I said, there’s just so many places and so little time.

*I have tried to link each restaurant to their website and/or Instagram. Take a look at their menu and what others are saying/posting on social media.


Our first meal in NYC the night we got there was The Little Beet off of Broadway, near Times Square. Since our hotel was in Times Square for a couple of nights this was only a quick, easy walk (they have a couple of other locations in the city too). Their menu looked great with so many options. We were super impressed with the selection of fresh, healthy items. They have everything from grain bowls and salads to build-your-own plates with meats, veggies, and grains.

What to Order: Really anything. We don’t eat that much meat anymore, but when we do it’s usually fish. If I were to go back to The Little Beet next time I’m in the city I would probably get the salmon again or a plant-based dish. They have a seasonal menu so it changes every few months. Order what sounds good to you- you can’t go wrong 🙂


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Two Hands is an Australian-inspired, relaxed restaurant with two locations in NYC (that only makes sense 😉 )- a cafe and restaurant/bar. We have only been to the cafe because we love the menu there so much. I’m sure the restaurant is great too, but you definitely can’t go wrong at the cafe. They are located on Mott Street, tucked right in China Town.

This is a place we make a point to eat at EVERY time we’re in town. It’s perfectly cozy and the food is delicious and healthy. Make sure to check out their website and Instagram for drool-worthy pictures of all of their menu items. If you’re anything like me you might plan a trip just for their food 😉

What to Order (Cafe): We always order the avocado toast with either a fried or poached egg and the acai bowl. The first time we went we both got our own toast and bowl. It was very filling. Next time we both got our own toast and split the acai bowl. I always get a green tea to warm up with since we always tend to be in town when it’s freezing out… The banana bread, chia pudding, and matcha latte look delicious too.

What to Order (Restaurant/Bar): As much as we LOVE their cafe, I have to admit I now want to make a trip to their restaurant in Tribeca next time we’re in town. I’m checking out the menu/pictures to give you some suggestions on what I would get there and I’m about ready to book my flight it all looks so good 😉

Breakfast: Banana Bread, Smashed Avocado, Beet Cured Salmon Bowl, Brassicas Bowl

Lunch: Green Goddess, Cauliflower Cous Cous


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When in NYC we walk EVERYWHERE. We do take the subway some, but no taxis. We try to see as much as possible, while getting as much exercise as possible. Because we stay so active we are quite hungry (maybe ‘hangry’ at times) every few hours. I had heard so much about Beyond Sushi and couldn’t wait to try them out. So off to Beyond Sushi it was and we ordered a table full!

I LOVE it!! As you can see, we got a lot of food (4 rolls). Well, what I thought was a lot of food. My husband loved the food too, but he considered it more of a snack. haha (That’s a small difference between men and women). Either way, it was delicious. They do have other items on them menu you can order too if you’re still hungry.

What we loved about Beyond Sushi was their unique creations. They also have some seasonal rolls that they switch out every few months.

What to Order: Green Machine, Spicy Mang, Sunny Side, and Seasonal Roll. You can’t go wrong with anything here, though. Even their desserts looks amazing- Black Bean Sweet Potato Brownies and Coffee & Chocolate Coconut Oat Rounds.


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Hu Kitchen is one of our favorites. It is another one that we wouldn’t dare not stop in to while in the city. Their mission and philosophy is on point, therefore there is not one thing there that I wouldn’t suggest ordering. Their website says, “We wanted a place where we were comfortable with every ingredient. So we opened one.” Most of their items and products are paleo and ALL items contain clean ingredients. Check out their website for more info and a whole list of ingredients they use/don’t use and why.

They have THE best chocolate I’ve ever had. It contains no dairy, emulsifiers, soy, GMOs, gluten, or sugar alcohols. Only simple, real, healthy ingredients- organic fair-trade cacao, unrefined, organic coconut sugar, and organic flavors. My personal favorite is the Cashew Butter + Pure Vanilla Bean Dark Chocolate. You can order straight from their website – HERE. (or check Amazon, Thrive Market, and other online retailers.)

What to Order: one of everything 😉 Each time we have been we have gotten something different and had a very hard time deciding what to get on top of that. I will probably try something new each time we go back. Here are some starters for you if you are as overwhelmed by the amazing menu as I was the first time I went.

Breakfast: Avocado “Toast,” Sweet Potato Hash and/or Cauliflower Puree, Green Means Go Juice, Organic Green Nebula or Organic Matcha Me Crazy smoothie

Lunch/Dinner: Build-Your-Own bowl, Wild Salmon Cakes, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, and Curried Sweet Potatoes

Dessert: Hu Kitchen Chocolate, Cookie Dough Truffles, Raw Nut Brownie, Blondie


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We went to Egg Shop because we saw it listed in Cereal Magazine’s “New York City Guide”. We really enjoyed it! The location is small and intimate (what really isn’t in NYC?) and the food was good. When we stopped by for breakfast it was snowing (we don’t see much snow in the south) so it was just lovely 🙂

What to Order: I ordered the Avo & Egg. It was a piece of multi-grain toast with avocado mashed on top, a poached egg, and a yellow tomato. My husband got the Spandex bowl. A bowl of quinoa, avocado, pickled carrots, greens, and a poached egg. Another dish that looked delicious was the Scrambler. Maybe I’ll have to give that one a try next time.


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The Butcher’s Daughter is the perfect breakfast/brunch spot. I’m sure their dinner is great too! I love the vibes and atmosphere here. Yet another spot we don’t miss whenever we are in town.

What to Order: 

Breakfast/Brunch: You HAVE to try the Smashed Avocado Toast with a poached or fried egg. If you’re looking for something little lighter or planning to split a few dishes with a friend get the Spinach Egg Bowl. You can never go wrong with a good Acai Bowl, too 🙂 I also suggest the Goddess of Green Juice. Get it to share or drink it all yourself- so refreshing and healthy!

Lunch/Dinner: Market Hummus, The Best Kale Salad, Butternut Squash Quinoa Salad, The Grateful Veg, & Mediterranean Bowl 


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Need a quick smoothie or snack while in the city? Juice Generation has TONS of locations all throughout NYC, making it very convenient and easy to grab something on the go. They are healthy and delicious. We’ve gone multiple times on our trips and we always get an acai smoothie at some point while we’re there. Our favorite location so far? Columbus Circle. We love this area and we love this location because we can take our snacks/smoothies over to Central Park for a little picnic or walk. We’ve only been to two locations though. I’m sure they’re all equally as great 🙂

What to Order: 

Juices: Supa Dupa Greens, The Professional, Daily Detox, Very Veggie

Smoothies: Protein Buzz, Joyful Almond, Mr. Greengenes, Green Guardian

Smoothie Bowls: Hella Good Greens, Protein Revolution, PB Acai, Almond Butter Bliss, really just ALL of them 😉

Grad-and-Go Food: Kale Avocado Salad, Superfood Salad, Spicy Mango Roll, Mushroom Avocado Roll

Desserts: I love the ingredients Juice Generation uses for their baked goods. My all time favorite is the Cacao Baked Donut, made with chocolate, brown rice flour, cacao nibs, cacao powder, maple syrup, and plant protein. Others that I love are: Matcha Baked Donut {brown rice flour, maple syrup, plant protein, vanilla, matcha}, Strawberry Baked Donut {apples, brown rice flour, maple syrup, plant protein, strawberries}, Almond Butter Blondie {almond butter, vanilla, apples, dates}, Banana Almond Butter Muffin {almond butter, banana, brown rice flour, cinnamon, vanilla, orange}


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Dimes is another restaurant we saw in Cereal Magazine’s NYC City Guide. The atmosphere and vibes here were very different from most of the places we went, which made it fun and unique. We loved it what we ordered!

What to Order: 

Breakfast: We each got the Love Toast, Berry Acai, and Carob Acai Bowls and split it all. If you’re really hungry try out the Power Bowl or Eggs Any Style.

Lunch: The Big Salad, Quinoa Plate, Black Rice Plate, Veggie Burger



Pressed Juicery was one of the places I was looking forward to the most. I have heard so much about them and their famous Pressed FREEZE from all of my Instagram friends in LA and NYC. I was so excited to try them out and the freeze did NOT disappoint!! I know their juices are just as good 🙂

Their freeze is like soft-serve ice cream. Only it’s guilt-free, good-for-you ice cream, which is the best kind! It is made of 100% whole fruits, nuts, and vegetables. No preservatives, no added sugars, no bad ingredients.

What to Order: ANY freeze! I got the greens and my husband got the chocolate. You can add your favorite toppings to it. They have fresh fruits, chocolate, and nuts. Also, any of the juices would be an excellent choice. If you’re looking for something light and refreshing on a hot day this is the place to go!

*PRO TIP: Not all of their locations in NYC serve the freeze, so if that’s what you’re looking for make sure you go to the ones that have it (you can find this one their website).




Last time we were in NYC we stayed in Brooklyn so I did some research on healthy restaurants in this area. One that I found that stuck out to me a lot was Sun in Bloom. I loved their menu, philosophy, and the chef’s spells her name like me, which is rare to find, so we had to check it out 😉 We went to the Park Slope location, but they also have a small location in Tribeca with modified hours and a slightly modified menu.

What to Order: 

Breakfast: Avocado Toast, Earth Cup

Appetizers: kale salad, hummus plate, avocado toast, kale chips

Lunch: Chef’s Aimee’s Macro Salad, Hearty Macro Bowl, Bloom Burger in a Collard Wrap, Rockin’ Veggie in a Collard Wrap, Bella Devine Salad

Dinner: Shitake Lentil Burger, Sunny “Couture” Futomaki Roll

Dessert: Spiced Chocolate Mayan Cake

*PRO TIP: the kale chips are a MUST!! Either flavor, but my favorite is the spicy rosemary dijon.


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If you’re looking for something quick, cheap, and healthy Mulberry and Vine is a great option. They also have a few locations around the city, making it easy to fit into your busy schedule. They have pick 3 plates and bowls. You can do an all veggie plate/bowl or 2 veggies, 1 meat. They have a little bit of everything and you can’t go wrong with whatever you build, but here’s what I would get:

What to Order: Roasted sweet potatoes, turmeric-lemon zest cauliflower with golden flax, kale and black beans with avocado, thai chili (glass) noodles. If you want a meat I would go with the roasted salmon with herb salad.

*I love the wall that lists tons of ingredients/foods and each one’s benefit to our bodies!


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By Chloe is a sustainable, vegan, plant-based restaurant in NYC, Boston, and LA. We’ve never had a full meal at here, but so many items looks delicious. We love swinging by for snacks- I crave these air baked sweet potato “fries” all the time.

What to Order: 

Breakfast: Morning Oats, Raw Vanilla Bean Chia Pudding, Cuckoo’s Nest or The Giving Tree Juices

Lunch/Dinner: The Guac Burger, Matcha Kelp Noodles, Peanutty Kale, Detox Kale Salad, Southwestern Quinoa

Snacks: Air Bakes Sweet Potato Fries, Smashed Avocado Toast, Green Hummus, Market Special Daily Smoothie


  1. Greecologies
  2. Chloe’s
  3. Pokeworks
  4. Bluestone Lane Cafe (avocado toast)
  5. B. Good
  6. Chalait (matcha lattes)
  7. Peacefood Cafe
  8. Wisefish Poke
  9. Summers SoHo
  10. Latin Beet Kitchen
  11. Inday
  12. Spring Bone
  13. Dig Inn
  14. Juicery Kitchen
  15. Sweet Green
  16. Honey Brains
  17. Juice Press
  18. Miss Paradis
  19. Pitanga
  20. LuAnne’s Wild Ginger
  21. LifeThyme Natural Market
  22. JuiceLand
  23. Fresh & Co.
  24. Canal Street Market
  25. Loco Coco
  26. Local Leaf





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