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Marathon Week {Training Part 2}

15 weeks of training, 391 miles run, 2 injuries, 19 days of recovery/healing It’s finally here….my FIRST marathon!!! This is something I said I would never do, I thought it wasn’t possible. I physically thought I couldn’t do something like this. I thought it was something for ‘athletes,’ people taller than me, more fit and… Continue reading Marathon Week {Training Part 2}

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Marathon Training {Never Say Never}

Never Say Never Well, I am officially five weeks out from my first marathon and not feeling like I was expecting, hoping, wishing I would be at this point. Up until now the training has been going pretty well. I’ve been unusually tired (but half of that is thanks to a very inconsiderate upstairs neighbor… Continue reading Marathon Training {Never Say Never}

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GVL Brownies {Paleo, Gluten Free, Grain Free}

These are officially my new favorite brownies EVER.ย Like they beat Bettie Crocker, any store bought or box mix, and they’re my favorite out of any healthy brownies I’ve ever made. Ok, that’s not quite accurate… my husband made these. I’m beginning to get a little jealous of his creativity and baking abilities. Essentially I tell… Continue reading GVL Brownies {Paleo, Gluten Free, Grain Free}

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Favorite All-Natural Creams {Scars, Scrapes, Cuts, Etc.}

Six months ago today was February 14th- Valentine’s Day. I always try to do something nice/tasty at home. We don’t eat out much anyway, but Valentine’s Day is especially crowded. We might go out for a smoothie or to our favorite healthy restaurant later that week, but I usually cook for my husband or he… Continue reading Favorite All-Natural Creams {Scars, Scrapes, Cuts, Etc.}

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Fudgy Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies {Paleo, Grain Free, Gluten Free}

If you follow my Instagram or blog at all you know we love to bake. We love anything chocolate and anything healthy. We’re always craving something and if we don’t have any of our favorite things around or if we’re feeling creative we usually make something up. Well I USED to be the better baker… Continue reading Fudgy Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies {Paleo, Grain Free, Gluten Free}