Protein Pancakes {Grainfree, Gluten Free, Dairy Free}

Protein Pancakes We have a smoothie every single morning, but this morning we decided to mix it up because we plan to go to our favorite smoothie place for lunch. So we whipped up some Protein Pancakes. You can find a similar recipe here, but this time we added Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and Garden… Continue reading Protein Pancakes {Grainfree, Gluten Free, Dairy Free}

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Superfood Chocolate Granola

Did you ever eat that sugary, terrible-for-you, why would any parent allow their child to eat that, probably to get them to shut up, Cocoa Puffs? Well we’ve got something you can eat and not feel guilty!! Not only will you not feel guilty, but this chocolate granola is full of superfoodsΒ that are actually good… Continue reading Superfood Chocolate Granola

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The BEST Banana Muffins EVER (Paleo & Grainfree)

I hate to waste food, especially bananas. Instead of throwing extremely ripe bananas away I either freeze them. I have frozen bananas in the freezer constantly so if I already have enough thenΒ Banana BreadΒ it is!! I tried this recipe out recently and my husband said it was his favorite ever. He said not to change… Continue reading The BEST Banana Muffins EVER (Paleo & Grainfree)

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Tacos Anytime

Happy Taco Tuesday!! Ever since we moved to Texas we have been bombarded with TACOS. Everyone would ask, “Have you been to this restaurant? They have the bestΒ tacos.”Β Or, “Would you like some breakfast tacos?”Β I had never heard of breakfast tacos before moving here. In Alabama tacos are heavy and greasy and either for lunch or… Continue reading Tacos Anytime