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Marathon Week {Training Part 2}

15 weeks of training, 391 miles run, 2 injuries, 19 days of recovery/healing It’s finally here….my FIRST marathon!!! This is something I said I would never do, I thought it wasn’t possible. I physically thought I couldn’t do something like this. I thought it was something for ‘athletes,’ people taller than me, more fit and… Continue reading Marathon Week {Training Part 2}

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Marathon Training {Never Say Never}

Never Say Never Well, I am officially five weeks out from my first marathon and not feeling like I was expecting, hoping, wishing I would be at this point. Up until now the training has been going pretty well. I’ve been unusually tired (but half of that is thanks to a very inconsiderate upstairs neighbor… Continue reading Marathon Training {Never Say Never}

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How I Taught Myself to Run and Why I Love It

**Disclamer: I wrote this over a month ago and am just finding the courage to post it. I’m not one to open up online about personal things. Ask me in person and I will talk your ear off, but there’s something about posting it for the whole world to read that is scary. There are… Continue reading How I Taught Myself to Run and Why I Love It