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Superfood Chocolate Granola

Did you ever eat that sugary, terrible-for-you, why would any parent allow their child to eat that, probably to get them to shut up, Cocoa Puffs? Well we’ve got something you can eat and not feel guilty!! Not only will you not feel guilty, but this chocolate granola is full of superfoodsΒ that are actually good… Continue reading Superfood Chocolate Granola

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Easy Mango Guacamole

One of our favorite snacks is a healthy home made Mango Guacamole.Β We love dipping sweet potato chips, roasted carrots, homemade pita chips, and now these delicious Japanese sweet potatoes. So I accidentally bought a white Japanese sweet potato with all my others at Whole Foods this week. We’ve tried them before and liked it ok.… Continue reading Easy Mango Guacamole